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Jet Anywhere Terms

Last update posted: March 29, 2017

These Jet Anywhere Terms are part of the Jet Terms of Use, and they only apply to our Jet Anywhere program. These terms contain important limits and conditions dealing with the Jet Anywhere program.

Purchases made on the other Jet sites are governed instead by our Terms of Use.

Jet Anywhere will be shut down after 5/1/17. The last day to submit receipts for JetCash will be 5/1/17, PST -- receipts submitted after that day will not be eligible for JetCash. All JetCash from Jet Anywhere will be valid through 5/1/18 for purchases on Visit Jet Anywhere FAQs for more information.

How to use Jet Anywhere and Redeem JetCash

You must be a Jet account holder to earn or redeem JetCash earned using Jet Anywhere. Once you have a Jet account, visit the Jet Anywhere portal to view the list of merchants that we are currently listing. Visiting this portal and clicking on the links to listed merchant websites prior to shopping allows you to earn JetCash by making Eligible Purchases.

How to make Eligible Purchases on Jet Anywhere

“Eligible Purchases” are purchases you make on Jet Anywhere that enable you to receive JetCash. Follow these instructions to make an Eligible Purchase:

  1. Click the link in the Jet Anywhere portal to access one of the merchants listed on Jet Anywhere. JetCash rates are shown in individual merchant descriptions, as well as any exclusions.
  2. Shop on the merchant’s website. Add items to your cart on the merchant’s website after clicking the Jet Anywhere link (not before), shop using the same browser as you used when you clicked the link, checkout within 3 hours of clicking the link, and make sure that your browser is configured to accept third-party cookies. This maximizes the likelihood that Jet can track your purchase correctly.
  3. Forward your email receipt from the merchant to within fourteen (14) days of purchase so we can verify your order. Allow five (5) business days for us to process your request.
  4. After we process your request, JetCash on Eligible Purchases will show as pending in your account for 30 days while we verify your purchase details. After verification, JetCash you earn on Eligible Purchases will be available to use on your next purchase. Delays in reporting with respect to purchases made, or the inability to verify purchase details, may delay the availability of your JetCash.
  5. If the details in your order confirmation cannot be verified, we may withhold, deny, or deduct JetCash from your account pending clarification.
  6. Failure to follow the instructions may result in no JetCash being earned.

What is JetCash?

“JetCash” is a reward incentive exclusively available to Jet account holders that is issued on Eligible Purchases. JetCash is added to your Jet account and can be used to offset the cost of purchases made on the Jet Sites (but not for purchases using Jet Anywhere).

JetCash is issued for promotional purposes, has no intrinsic value and may not be redeemed for cash.

$1,000 Limits to your Jet Anywhere account per Calendar Year

Your Jet account can earn a maximum of $1,000 in JetCash in any given calendar year (January 1 to December 31). We will process Eligible Purchases and issue the relevant JetCash to your account up to that maximum amount. Any Eligible Purchases processed after this annual amount is reached during any calendar year will be deemed ineligible in the current year and will not carryover to the next year.

How much JetCash can I receive on an Eligible Purchase?

Specific JetCash amounts that you may earn on Eligible Purchases vary by merchant and product category. Visit the Jet Anywhere portal for specific JetCash amounts (and any other qualifications) relating to any specific Eligible Purchase. Jet reserves the right to change the list of eligible merchants, JetCash amounts, or qualifications at any time.

While we try to make sure that our Jet Anywhere descriptions and JetCash are accurate and complete, this information may sometimes be out of date (for example, if a merchant changes its policies or if there is a human error). Jet will not be responsible for inaccuracies or errors on Jet Anywhere and reserves the right to modify any earned JetCash amounts resulting from these inaccuracies or errors.

JetCash is generally only earned on the individual item prices/merchandise subtotal of your Eligible Purchases, net of any discounts or coupons used on those items. Unless otherwise indicated, JetCash is not earned on taxes, shipping, gift-wrapping, extended warranties, or any other additional fees on Eligible Purchases.

When will I receive JetCash?

For verified transactions on Eligible Purchases, we will typically issue JetCash into your Jet account thirty (30) business days after you forward your purchase confirmation email to However, there may be instances when verification may take longer, as much as 120 days, for reasons including but not limited to delays in reporting with respect to purchases made, or the inability to verify purchase details. In these instances, this may delay the availability of your JetCash. Furthermore, if the details in your order confirmation cannot be verified, we may withhold, deny, or deduct JetCash from your account pending clarification. Please read below for exceptions to when Jet will issue JetCash to your account.

Redeeming JetCash

You must have an active Jet account to use JetCash.

You will have the ability to apply any available JetCash in your Jet account to purchases you make on

Expiration of JetCash

Unless expressly stated otherwise, unused JetCash will expire twelve (12) months after your last purchase on any Jet Site. In the event that your Jet account is cancelled or terminated, any unused JetCash will expire upon this cancellation or termination.

When is a purchase not an “Eligible Purchase”?

Eligible Purchases may be modified or disqualified by the below conditions:

  • If the merchant has an affiliate relationship with Jet: Because the Jet Anywhere program is inspired by our desire to pass through extra savings, through referral fees, to you, a purchase is only an Eligible Purchase if the merchant eventually pays Jet a referral fee applicable to that purchase. The decision to pay us a referral fee, and the exact amount of the referral fee, are in the merchant’s discretion. Accordingly, we reserve the right to not issue JetCash if we do not receive a referral fee for your Eligible Purchase. The best way to ensure that a purchase is deemed eligible is to follow the steps outlined above in the “Eligible Purchases” section. Delays in reporting with respect to referral fees may delay your receipt of your JetCash into your account.
  • You may not earn JetCash on the purchase of gift cards, gift certificates or other similar cash equivalents.
  • You may not earn JetCash on purchases where a gift card, gift certificate or other similar instrument (such a loyalty points) is used as a payment method, unless a merchant specifically states otherwise.
  • You may not earn JetCash on purchases of items for resale or rental.
  • You may not earn JetCash on the purchase of collectible items that have a readily available trading market, such as coins, stamps, sports collectibles or similar items as determined by Jet in our sole discretion.
  • You may not earn JetCash on orders shipped outside of the United States.
  • You may not earn JetCash on purchases made with merchants that are not listed on the Jet Anywhere portal at the time the Eligible Purchase is made.
  • You may not earn JetCash on purchases made using offline channels (for example, in store purchases).
  • Additionally, Jet will not issue JetCash to your account (or if issued, may be voided) as follows”:
  • If you return the item that you purchased to earn the JetCash.
  • If we believe the Eligible Purchase or corresponding referral fee may be the result of activity that is fraudulent, unlawful, or in violation of these Jet Anywhere Terms, the Terms of Use or the relevant merchant’s requirements (if any).
  • Additionally, Jet reserves the right to void or revoke our previous issuance of any JetCash for any of the reasons explained above (for example, if we learned that you return an Eligible Purchase to the merchant).

Rules that apply to travel purchases

Any JetCash earned on Eligible Purchases of travel related items (such as airfare, hotels and rental cars) will be awarded based on completed travel and may be subject to delays in approval or require additional verification.

No transfer of JetCash

JetCash is nontransferable and not assignable under any circumstances.

Changes in JetCash terms

Jet may amend or modify JetCash terms (including terms of expiration) at any time and at Jet's sole discretion in accordance with the amendment provisions in the Terms of Use.

We are Jet, and Merchants and the Merchants

Jet is not a party to your transactions with eligible merchants, regardless of whether your purchase qualifies as an Eligible Purchase. Jet is not the seller or supplier of any of the goods or services purchased from the merchants listed on Jet Anywhere. Jet does not endorse or make any promises regarding the merchants or their goods and services. We have none of the legal obligations that may apply to the sellers or suppliers of the merchant’s goods or services. We have no control over or responsibility for:

  • the quality, safety or legality of the goods or services available from any eligible merchant,
  • whether the merchant will complete any transaction, or
  • whether the merchant will comply with its own terms and legal obligations.

We usually have no direct relationship with the eligible merchant because we work with them only via intermediary relationships such as affiliate and sub-affiliate networks. You should exercise no lesser degree of caution in entering into a transaction with eligible merchants via Jet Anywhere than you would when entering into these transactions through any other means without Jet Anywhere. If something goes wrong with your purchase, you must take it up directly with the merchant, not Jet. Your purchase will be subject to the merchant’s own terms and conditions, and Jet isn’t obligated by the merchant’s terms and conditions for your purchase.

However, your participation in the Jet Anywhere program and any dispute that arises between you and Jet relating to Jet Anywhere is subject to the Jet Terms of Use, including these Jet Anywhere Terms.

Please read the Jet Terms of Use

Please click on and read the Terms of Use. because they contain important legal information about use of the Jet Sites, and you are bound both by these Jet Anywhere Terms and the Terms of Use.. Thank you!

For questions about Jet Anywhere, please contact