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Want to heat up something delicious in a dorm room microwave oven? Shop to get great savings on a new microwave oven for college!

Back in the day, living in a dorm meant eating bad cafeteria food and deep-fried after-hours takeout. But advanced technology means that now you don't need big stoves or lots of counter space to live like a foodie. New microwave ovens let you heat up just about anything you want, from frozen food to extravagant meals. (Props to you if you're making multi-course meals between classes, by the way.)

Whether you're looking to heat up a burrito or a big meal, there's a GE microwave for you. The GE Lighting Sensor Countertop microwave is as advanced as it is elegant. Its stainless steel exterior hides some pretty awesome technology, like sensors that make sure your food is being cooked evenly and to the perfect temperature. There's no better function for a busy college student who's probably pretty distracted.

Cuisinart's stainless steel microwave is a must for advanced foodies and aspiring chefs alike. It's more than just a college microwave — it helps you cook whole meals from scratch! You can microwave bacon, defrost fish, and delicately cook custom creations with ease. And its smart interior design means it won't absorb odors, moisture, or food particles. Which is nice, because that's one less smell you'll have to worry about dealing with in your dorm room.

We've also got great microwaves from brands like Oster, Magic Chef, and Panasonic — think double digit power levels and settings for all kinds of foods. So what are you waiting for? With our simple ways to save, free shipping over $35, and free returns within 30 days, getting the best microwave for dorm living will be easier than ever.