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No college dorm room is complete without a dependable mini fridge. Shop to get great savings on a wide selection of mini fridges!

Dorm Fridges

The cool thing about going to college and living in a dorm room is that you get your very own space. The not-so-cool thing is that unless you won the lottery and bought your own place, there probably isn’t much room for kitchen appliances. But no matter how small a space you’re living in, there’s a dorm room mini fridge that will fit perfectly into your new home. If only your new roommate was as flexible and accommodating.

If want the whole package, a two door mini fridge will be a great choice. At just 3.2 cubic feet, the Igloo mini fridge with freezer has it all. In the refrigerator, you’ll find a vegetable drawer, slide-out shelves, and an in-door can holder. (You know, for soda.) The freezer has an ice tray and plenty of room for frozen burritos.

Mini Fridges with freezers

We’ve got great options for even smaller rooms, too. The Avanti mini fridge line features models that shrink all the way to 1.4 cubic feet, yet still offer amazing versatility. Some can even switch between refrigerator and freezer! And speaking of versatility, Della offers up a portable mini fridge that can either cool down or heat up your drinks. Choose wisely.

Want to really show off? We’ve got great stainless steel mini fridge offerings from Avanti and even retro mini fridge styles from a bunch of great brands. There’s a mini-fridge for every dorm room, and with our simple ways to save, free shipping over $35, and free returns within 30 days, we make it easier and more affordable than ever to find the right one.