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Cell Phones
Looking for new cell phones to take with you to college? has your number! Save on a super selection of smart phones from top brands.

We were tempted to list the cell phone in the clothing category, because you basically feel naked without one — and much like a good pair of pants, a smart phone has you covered in any situation. For a college student with a busy class schedule and busier social life, nothing is more essential than a good phone. And because we're way more helpful than your freshman roommate, we've got high-quality phones at a variety of price points.

We won't suggest using your cell phone in class, but occasionally, it could come in handy for things like downloading professors' lectures. And hey, it's not your fault if a friend just happens to text you, or you accidentally open Facebook, or you have to watch that video someone just posted. But a powerful Galaxy S6 Samsung smart phone will let you take care of all those distractions in a hurry. Now, what were we talking about? Photosynthesis?

Or let's say you're walking around campus on your first day of school, and just can't find the buildings where your classes are located. A phone with fast GPS would be incredibly useful, right? The Huawei Mate 9 offers a fast connection, and can last two days on one charge. You could memorize the entire campus in that amount of time!

So clearly, you'll need the best cell phone you can get this fall. With free shipping over $35 and free returns within 30 days, we make getting the perfect phone easier than ever. And since you'll probably want to protect it once you've got it, why not check out our selection of cell phone cases while you're here?