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Food Storage Containers
Why let your leftovers go bad? Shop to get awesome savings on the food storage containers you need to help keep everything fresh!

Who likes a stale snack? When you're in college, opening up a party bag of chips or pretzels means one thing — that you're going to have a party bag of stale chips and pretzels the next day. Pick up a couple of plastic food storage containers to save your snacks from losing their freshness. Brands like Glad and Ziploc make great containers for food storage that will lock in the crunch and keep out pests.

But Rubbermaid food storage containers and Reynolds food storage containers aren't just for keeping snacks in the pantry. They're also for the fridge. You're in college and you're going make mistakes from time to time. That's okay. The best mistake you can make? Making too much spaghetti when you cook dinner. There's an easy fix — now it's dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow when you store it in one of our best food storage containers.

We have a little secret: They might be called “food storage containers,” but you can still use them to store other stuff. Sounds crazy, but hear us out. Nothing ruins a day at the beach like getting the valuables in your bag wet or sandy. So why not throw your phone and wallet into a Creo or Snap Pak container so you don't need to worry about them? If you're getting on a plane, keep your loose change in a small container so your backpack doesn't jangle.

Shopping for dorm supplies can get pretty stale, but it doesn't have to be. When you shop with us, you'll get simple ways to save, free shipping over $35, and 2-day delivery on thousands of essentials.