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Award Winners
Want to read something really amazing? can help! Save on everything from Newbery Medal winners to Pulitzer Prize books and beyond.

Pulitzers don't just fall into authors' laps — they get them for a reason. So if you're looking to sink your teeth into something truly terrific, check our selection of award winning novels. With National Book Award winners like Cormac McCarthy's All the Pretty Horses and Charles Frazier's Cold Mountain, you'll get caught up in whirlwind stories. (Plus, reading these modern classics on the train will make you look really smart.)

Novels are great, especially ones with book awards, but true stories can be pretty great too — which is why we also have some of the most critically acclaimed nonfiction writing as well. Books like The Heart of the Sea or Embracing Defeat will teach you a thing or two about world history while they keep you on the edge of your seat.

But of course award winning books aren't just for us grown ups — we've got ones for kids, too! So if you're looking to expose your little ones to some seriously good writing, our selection of novels like Louis Sachar's Holes and Kathryn Erksine's Mockingbird will have them glued to something other than the TV for a while. You never know — maybe they'll be inspired to win children's book awards themselves someday. (Or at least do well in school.)

We also have Hugo and Nebula Award winners if you're into sci-fi or fantasy — just check out that section here. (Or shop by awards from this page.) Award-winning books deserve an award-winning shopping experience, and with our free shipping over $35 and 24/7 customer service, you'll be getting the award for savviest shopper — online books category.