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Are you wondering what this featured section is all about? Did the selection change since the last time you visited? That's good! It's supposed to. In our featured reads section, you'll find a rotating selection books based on a timely theme — so no matter what season, or month, or holiday is coming up, we'll have reading recommendations you'll love. Sort of like wine pairings at a restaurant, except with books. (And less expensive. And also non-alcoholic?)

Want to find buy books to bring to the beach? Check with us during the summer months for a featured section of our favorite beach reads. For gripping stories of suspense and terror, come back around Halloween. Or if you're looking for books about social injustice, shop nonfiction books during Women's or Black History Month, or really anytime. It's always good to open your eyes to experiences beyond your own — and a great book is one of the very best ways to start.

Basically, from good novels to read when you're stuck at home during a snowstorm or a collection of sonnets to appreciate during poetry month, we've got you covered — and you might be surprised by what you find. Kind of like when you spend hours browsing around good book stores, except from wherever you happen to be. Like your bathtub, for example, or the couch. Or even the beach, if you find your reading list running low while you're relaxing.

So for simplicity's sake, why not give our featured selection a try? With our free shipping over $35 and free returns within 30 days, you might as well buy books online right here.