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Fitness & Sport Technology

Fitness technology shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. Shop to save on everything from the best body fat scales to cycling computers!

If you're serious about running, there's lots of data you should be tracking to improve your performance. Knowing your average lap time or speed can give you some real numbers to try and beat. With stopwatches and speedometers from quality brands like IDS Home and Ultrak, you'll know exactly how well you're performing. Now all you have to do is go out there and keep crushing it!

If you're more of a biker (the pedals kind, not the exhaust pipes kind), we've got great ways to track your progress too. A cycle computer that mounts to your handlebars can give you readings on things like heart rate, distance, speed, and more, and with selections from brands like Sigma and CatEye, you'll be pedaling with purpose. Interested in weight loss more generally? Try a scale that measures body fat from brands like Omron and Taylor.

For everyone who likes to exercise out there in the elements, we've got helpful devices to make your time in the woods a little less Man vs. Wild. For starters, a quality compass from brands like Silva and Cammenga are the perfect way to help you keep your bearings. And if you plan on being outdoors for a while, a weather monitor from brands like Kestrel and Weatherflow can let you know when to pack it in before you get stuck in a downpour.

Picking out the right fitness electronics should be fun and easy, and with our 24/7 customer service and free returns within 30 days, you can focus on your fitness goals and we'll take care of everything else.