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Fitness Trackers
Train for a 5K or just count your steps with a fitness tracker from! Shop our selection to find the best fitness tracker for you.

Activity Tracker

We all have hopes and dreams about having six-pack abs, but it never seems to happen. If you're serious about upping your fitness level, try an activity tracker to monitor your workouts. Fitness trackers and fitness watches aren't just for serious athletes — fitness watches are for everyone. We've got an activity tracker selection for walking, running, sleeping, or cycling enthusiasts. (All the top fitness trackers monitor any activity, really.) Because hey, if a fitness tracker or fitness watch can help us look like Michael Phelps or Jennifer Lopez, we'll take a fitness tracker watch this instant.

Fitness Watches

Honestly, fitness watches are pretty cool. A fitness tracker with GPS navigates an outdoor workout, while a swimming fitness tracker monitors everything underwater. On top of that, fitness watches read your heart rate, track your sleep, and remind you to get up and move. If you need an activity tracker to train for a marathon, a Samsung fitness tracker, Polar fitness tracker, TomTom fitness tracker, and any other activity tracker brand will work wonders. We've got the best fitness tracker and the best activity tracker gear here.

Love to hike in the woods? A Garmin GPS Fitness Tracker has a top-rated GPS system, and is the best activity tracker for heart rate, distance, and pace. Is swimming more your sport? A TechComm Waterproof Fitness Tracker has all the benefits of a standard activity tracker and is the best fitness tracker for underwater sports too. (You're not going to get that Michael Phelps physique without the best waterproof fitness tracker.) Is stress affecting your health? Try the best fitness tracker with heart rate and sleep monitoring. The best fitness trackers have been known to help with that.

Once you find the best fitness tracker with the best fitness tracker band for you, check out the rest of our wearable technology selection — whether you get a Nike fitness tracker or any other fitness tracker or activity tracker, you'll be counting your steps in no time. And you've found the best activity tracker for you, why not take a look at the rest of our awesome electronics selection? With free shipping over $35 and free returns within 30 days, getting your gadget fix has never been easier.