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Chaise Lounges
Relax in style with a beautiful chaise lounge. Shop for a distinctive variety of chaise lounge chair and chaise lounge sofa choices.

Some types of Living Room Furniture just scream out “distinguished,” and the chaise lounge is one of them. And it's not just because chaise lounge is a fancy French name — the right chaise furniture really adds a special element of distinction. There's certain kinds of furniture that everyone has, but a chaise lounge sofa is very unique. And luckily, because the indoor chaise lounge now comes in so many varieties, from the leather chaise lounge to the fabric brown chaise lounge and grey chaise lounge, you can definitely find one that works for you. Seriously: There's an indoor chaise lounge for every price point, too, so there's no reason why you shouldn't be perusing our chaise lounge selection, whether you want a leather chaise lounge or upholstered gray chaise lounge (or any other color, of course).

Chaise Lounge Chairs/h2>

Just like its cousins, the more standard sofas and couches (we have a whole furniture family tree), the chaise lounge comes in many sizes and shapes. Primarily, you've got the chaise lounge chair and chaise lounge sofa. The chaise lounge chair is an individual unit, for personal stretching and relaxation. You can buy several lounge chairs for living room decorating, which would make for a very sophisticated, comfortable room. And there are a lot of indoor chaise lounge chair options, from the armless chaise lounge chair, an upholstered living room chaise, and tufted chaise lounge chair. It's like a living room chair, but bigger and way more comfortable.

Chaise Lounge Sofas

If you want a bigger indoor chaise lounge, the chaise lounge sofa could be right for you. There are a number of options here. First, there's the larger chaise lounge sofa, which has arms and far more surface area. Bigger ones also have room to stash blankets, and really, who wouldn't want a storage chaise? Buy a chaise lounge with storage, get an all-in-one island of relaxation. You could opt for a sofa with chaise lounge added on. So if you get a leather couch, you'll also have a leather chaise lounge attached to the side. Just imagine, rolling from your sofa to your leather chaise lounge without ever getting up. What a dream! The living room chaise lounge, miracle worker.

There's no situation in which purchasing an indoor chaise lounge is a bad idea. Whether you want a chaise lounge chair, black chaise lounge, tufted chaise or a whole chaise lounge sofa, you're making the smart call. And with free shipping over $35, you'll be lounging in no time.