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Hot Cereals & Oats

Is there anything better than a nice hot breakfast? Enjoy your favorite oatmeal, from steal cut oats to cream of wheat with!


Hearty, warm, and full of flavor, there's nothing more comforting than a bowl of oatmeal first thing in the morning. Whether you love the taste of Quaker oatmeal, or prefer the natural taste of steel cut oats, nothing gets you ready for the day like your favorite bowl of steamy oats. How do you like your Quaker oats? With a touch of cinnamon? Or maple syrup? No matter your oatmeal preferences, you'll find a delicious bowl waiting for you when you shop hot cereal with us. In fact, you can stock up on all your breakfast foods to complete a balanced breakfast. With multiple brands of whole grain cereal and steel cut oats, it's the best breakfast pantry you can find.

Cream of Wheat

Even if you're out there living life, you can still enjoy a deliciously warm bowl of old fashioned oats. If steel oats aren't your thing, don't forget the classic cream of wheat when it comes to choosing breakfasts. Is cream of wheat still cream of wheat if you make it with water? Some oatmeal questions may never be answered. Though, if you are wondering, “is cream of wheat healthy,” the answer is it's good for your soul. So from quaker oats to cream of wheat, remember that a warm breakfast makes for a warmer smile in the morning.

We ‘oats' to talk about oatmeal some more, but we also have a great selection of cold cereals and other grocery items worth exploring. After all, not every meal can be Quaker oats. Then again, who are we to tell you what to do? If steel cut oats are on your menu every day of the week, then you've got our full support. From Quaker Instant Oatmeal to Nature's Path Oatmeal, there's an oatmeal good to go, no matter what your schedule is like. We'll have oats waiting for you, whenever you need.

Get your steel cut oats just the way you like them - fast. With, get 2 day delivery on dozens of organic breakfast foods, including your favorite oats. And with free shipping over $35, Quaker oats never looked so good.