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Love making stir-fries, sautees, and salads? Don't forget the oil! Shop for olive oil, coconut oil, and more oils from top brands.

Olive Oil

There are a lot of different kinds of oil, but probably the most well-known is olive oil. After all, olive oil is great for so many things. Making homemade salad dressing? Reach for the extra virgin olive oil. Frying up some meatballs? Olive oil comes to the rescue and keeps them from sticking to the skillet. Not cooking Italian? Give your dishes a tropical twist with some coconut oil. (Side note: Uniquely J Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is exactly what your coconut shrimp is missing.) Want coconut oil without the coconut flavor? We've got refined coconut oil, too, so you can still get the coconut oil benefits without making your popcorn taste like a pina colada.

Coconut Oil

But that's not all — we've got plenty of other oil options to solve your dining dilemmas. Get some sesame oil and have Chinese take-out night without the take-out. Not feeling Chinese? Sesame seed oil makes some mean Thai peanut sauce, too. Love avocados but can never time them right? Try dressing your salad with an avocado oil instead, like Uniquely J 100% Pure Avocado Oil. (It's tasty and non-GMO, in case you were wondering.) We've also got other kinds of oil like hazelnut oil and pecan oil, so you know what? Go nuts. Or just go with the Uniquely J coconut oil and go coconuts.

We know cooking isn't easy, and we know the cleanup isn't easy either. But it can be less trouble with something like Pam. What's Pam? Pam is a cooking spray. You can spray Pam everywhere, but by “everywhere” we mean just your pots and pans, OK? Get Pam cooking spray and you'll be able to coat your cooking surface in seconds. And we carry tons of different kinds of Pam spray, like Pam butter spray and Pam baking spray so your muffin tins don't miss out, either. Pam is just great like that.

With plenty of different oils, you're sure to find something here you like. Oh, and we forgot to mention we also have canola oil. (Canola oil is good for cooking, too. Even Pam has canola oil, so you know canola oil is a thing if Pam makes it.) And when you shop with us, you get free shipping over $35 and 2-day delivery on thousands of essentials, so why not get all your pantryitems and other groceries delivered to your door? It sure beats lugging huge bottles of oil home.