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Pasta & Pasta Sauce
Want to save on pasta and pasta sauce? Shop! Get great prices, free shipping over $35 and 2-day delivery on thousands of essentials.

Let's be real: There are some problems that only a good bowl of pasta can solve. Bad day at work? Bowl of pasta. Tough breakup? Bowl of pasta. Zoodles just aren't cutting it? Definitely a bowl of pasta. And if pasta is what you're after, then you've come to the right place — because we've got all the best pasta brands out there.

Pasta & Noodles

From spaghetti to rotini and beyond, our selection of pasta and noodles from brands like Barilla, Bertolli, and Rana has something for everyone. Want to twirl your dinner around your fork? Get some angel hair or fettuccine. Feel like something filled? Go with tortellini or ravioli. (Having ravioli at home is the best — you never have to worry you won't get enough.) Got a crowd coming? Get lasagna, because who doesn't love lasagna? (No seriously, who?)

Pasta Sauce

We've also got pasta sauce covered, from classic marinara sauce by Ragu or Classico to creamy alfredo sauce by Barilla and Newman's Own. Can't make up your mind between red or white? Split the difference with vodka sauce. Want to put your own spin on things? Get a can of basic tomato sauce from Contadina and add ingredients to your heart's content — we like capers, anchovies, and garlic, but hey, do you.

If you're looking for organic pasta and pasta sauce , check out our selection from brands like Lundberg and Bionaturae. And listen, you can work your way up to making fresh pasta later. (Yes, we know that fresh pasta brands you as a hard-core cook.) The dry stuff will do fine for now — just make sure to cook it all al dente , OK?