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Raw Materials
Need raw material for a project? Shop! Get the building materials you need to finish the job, from plywood to plastics and beyond.

You're managing a huge construction project with a tight deadline. You don't have time to go to the lumber yard to pick out each piece of plywood. That's where we come in. With us, getting raw materials for the construction site is as easy as a few clicks. If you're looking for wood, cork, or industrial wires, we have you covered. There is some assembly required, but you knew that already. After all, you're the builder — we just want to help every step of the way.

Our list of materials keeps on going. Rubber or plastic sheets will keep the wet weather out. Our wide selection of shims and shim stock will give bricks and other materials the room they need to dry. Window screens are going to need mesh and wire cloth, and of course, for insulation, you're going to want to use foam. Whatever you are building, we want to help make it better by being a part of it.

Fabrics, fibers, and textiles are important components of any project or manufacturing process. If you're making clothing or furniture, you better have a good fabric supplier or else your customer might go looking for their shirt or couch somewhere else. Looks like we showed up at just the right time. Oh, we almost forgot — we have metals and alloys too. Really, you can't lose with us.

Don't worry about lugging raw materials back to the construction site or factory. With us, get free shipping on orders over $35. Now that's anything but a raw deal.