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Seasonal Cleanup
Don't brave a storm without seasonal cleanup supplies. Shop for get savings on everything from snow shovels to leaf bags and beyond!

Winter storms are a pain — the weatherman is usually wrong and that breeze always turns into a blizzard. You don't want to be left out in the cold, so sprinkle some ice melt from Safe Step or Sparco on the front steps to protect yourself from slipping on black ice. But why stop at the steps? A snow salt spreader from Chapin makes it easy to salt the entire driveway or sidewalk without having to bend down. With these products, you'll be begging for a snow day.

Light snow is lovely to watch, but when the snow is wet and heavy, it's time for heavy lifting. Put on a pair of gloves and break out a Suncast or Jackson snow shovel. Then get that snow out of the way and spread some more Bare Ground snow salt. Just think — once you're done, you can enjoy that mug of hot cocoa. (Well, until the next time you have to go out. But at least you have the best snow shovel to do it with.)

So maybe the weatherman wasn't wrong and the storm was just a breeze. (We highly doubt that, though.) The wind spared you the hassle of snow, but it did blow the rest of the leaves to the ground. You know what that means — it's leaf pickup time, and a garbage bag won't cut it. You need some garden and leaf cleanup bags from Great Value, Presto, or Nicole Home Collection.

Your lawn looks the best when you can actually see the grass, so clean things up with an assist from our simple ways to save and free shipping over $35.