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Caught the pickleball bug and can't wait to play with your friends? Shop pickleball gear at! Get pickleball paddles, balls and sets.

If you've had a gym class in the past 30 years, you might be familiar with this fun racket sport. For the uninitiated, pickleball is essentially ping pong, but on a much bigger scale. You can play on hardwood, concrete, or even a tennis court, and the pickleball rules are essentially the same as ping pong — you serve, volley, and try to keep the ball on the court. (Or, with a simple-to-set-up pickleball net, your driveway.)

Pickleball is a great game for kids of all ages, and has even become popular as a sport in retirement communities, with pickleball tournaments popping up all over. That's because, unlike tennis with it's super-bouncy fuzzball, the pickle ball is made of hard plastic, like a wiffle ball. That makes the game a little easier to pick up, but no less fun to play. And with our top-quality hardwood pickleball paddles, smashing a serve is just as rewarding. (KaBOOM!)

The best thing about pickleball isn't the fact that even the high end gear is super affordable, or the fact that because the balls are plastic they never go flat. What makes pickleball so awesome is the fact that anyone with a flat driveway and $50 can turn their house into pickleball central. (Seriously, for $50 you can get everything you need. Net, balls, paddles — everything. Tell that to the tennis club.) And we've got it here.

It doesn't take a lot to play pickleball, and with our free shipping over $35 and 24/7 customer support, it won't cost a lot either. So what are you waiting for? Get pickling!