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Safety & Security Equipment
Feeling safe at home is one of the most important things there is. Shop to save on security systems and more to ensure your safety!

When you head to work every morning, there are two main things you hope for: First, that your place will stay secure, and second, that the commute won't be too bad. We can't really help with the second thing — avoid the freeway, we guess? — but our selection of home security systems and surveillance products will definitely help with the first. So shop top brands like Dahua, Secure, and Universal Security Instruments and start breathing easier fast.

Want even more peace of mind? Check out lockout and tagout products from brands like Master Lock and Kryptonite. (That shed is yours and yours alone, and you've got the heavy-duty door locks to prove it.) Padlocks are also a great choice, whether you're locking up the garage or just going to the gym. Plus, safes from First Alert, SentrySafe, and Stack-On will keep everything from jewelry to your kids' drawings safe and sound.

Fire safety is also important, so get a fire extinguisher and smoke alarm from brands like Kidde and Amerex. Plus, we've also got plenty of personal protective equipment — think hard hats and safety glasses — to keep you safe from hazards, and emergency and survival gear for stuff you can't see coming. Our selection goes from ponchos all the way up to trauma packs and emergency kits from brands like Adventure Medical Kits and Mayday.

And by the way — whether you're installing a home security system or just replacing an old padlock, our 24/7 customer service and free returns within 30 days will always help you feel at ease. (The free shipping over $35 won't hurt, either.)