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Art Furniture & Accessories
You can't do your best artwork without the right art furniture. Shop for a great selection of arts and crafts furniture you'll love!

We've got the art studio furniture to fit your needs. So let's break it down, one by one, to help you make the best decision you can when it's time to choose between art desks, easels, and other art furniture. But before that, we have to recognize the importance of lighting to the artistic process — if you can't see the canvas or paper, you're probably not going to do your best work. And once you're seeing clearly, you can take advantage of our great arts & crafts furniture selection.

The best-known facilitator of great art is, of course, the painting easels, which has been used by all the great masters and anyone who has taken a finger-painting class. And so of course, we have all kinds of easels to help you on all of your projects. Both full-size and the kids art easel come in lots of sizes and shapes, and are made from all kinds of materials, from solid wood to kid-friendly plastic. And most fold up, so your easel will be easy to store.

Of course, you'll want to make sure your work stays safe. Unless you have lots of room for “wet paint” signs all over your living room, you'll want to invest in drying and print racks. Drying racks are crucial to keeping your paintings in perfect shape, allowing them to dry until they're ready to be framed.

More into drawing and sketching? That's the fundamental building block of all art, and that means that you'll need the right drafting table and drawing desk to make sure you've got a steady hand. And of course, we've thought ahead and made sure to stock up on drawing tables and boards, so you can focus on the work, not keeping your sketchbook balanced. And with with free shipping over $35 and 2-day shipping on thousands of items, you'll really have no problem focusing on your art!