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Beading & Jewelry-Making
Looking to make your own jewelry? Shop for a great selection of jewelry making supplies and bring all your coolest looks to life!

It's always fun to be given jewelry, but it's even more fun to make jewelry yourself. Everyone's got their own style, and so we've loaded up on all kinds of jewelry making kits and other ingredients for creating cool treasures and adornments. The first thing to know is just what kind of jewelry you want to make, so you can find the right jewelry making tools and accessories. The only limit to jewelry making is your imagination, but the right tools really help!

If you're looking for a complete DIY package, and a solid selection of decorative options, you'll want to check out our jewelry-making kits and beading kits. They come with jewelry making tools, supplies, and instructions, which is just about as convenient as it gets! (We won't argue if you wanted to make us bling as a thank you for the tip.)  And if you're looking to get down in the details of making jewelry, we've got all the jewelry making supplies you'll need to turn your own jewelry making ideas into real customized bling.

We've got beading supplies such as beads and bead assortments — there are lots of different kinds and colors — as well as bead cords and thread, which are absolutely necessary if you don't just want a pile of beads sitting on the floor. And to make working with beads for jewelry making easier, there are bead looms and other beading tools.

If metal is more your thing, we've got plenty of jewelry making supplies for you, too. Want charms? We've got plenty of charms for jewelry making. More into making earrings? You'll need earring backs and jewelry findings. We also carry jewelry-making chains and jewelry-making wire for the bigger stuff, plus metal stamping tools and wax molding materials for controlling every last detail. (Good luck!)

When you're done with the job, you'll want to keep your handiwork shining, which is where polishing and buffing supplies are crucial. With our free shipping over $35 and 2-day shipping on thousands of items, you'll be able to make a whole lot of jewelry — so get your imagination going!