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artist clothing, cleaning supplies and much more!

When you get in a zone, and are making some amazing artwork, you don't really want to have to worry about keeping your workspace neat. And you definitely don't want to have to limit your creative canvas simply because cleaning up is a pain. That's where we come in: you make the art, and we'll keep you stocked with must have cleaning supplies and paint booths. Just please don't forget us when you're filling museums with your masterworks.

Some art forms are messier than others, and spray painting is definitely one of the messiest. It's also one of the most fun and expressive, not to mention efficient, so we're obviously big fans. And with that in mind, we've got spray booths that help you paint figures, signs, and other small-to-medium sized items, without getting paint all over the place. With spray systems that include the right spray booth, you can maximize your painting creativity!

If you're working with liquid paint or other artistic materials likely to drip, you'll also want to invest in some protective clothing and gear, like shoe covers, bibs, and coveralls. While wearing the right artist clothing, you can really let your creative genius loose. As for the parts of your body that aren't kept safe by protective clothing, we've got those covered too, with artist's soap and protective hand cream. Hydrate, smell great, and make amazing art. With all natural cleaning supplies, what's not to to love?

Without the tools of the trade like paintbrushes, none of this amazing work is possible. So we're here to help there, too, with art tool cleaners galore. Choose from all kinds of commercial cleaning supplies, including dust control equipment that keeps buildup from slowly ruining your projects and artistic instruments. And since we offer free shipping over $35 and 2-day shipping on thousands of items, keeping your work and your home clean will be easier than ever!