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Toddler Juices & Milk
Got a thirsty toddler running around? Shop toddler juices and milk at! Get fruit juice, toddler formula, and shakes from top brands.

Fruit Juices

No matter how old you are, hydration is important, and everyone needs nutrients — especially developing toddlers. It doesn't have to be all about fruits and vegetables, although we've got plenty of those in our baby foodsection. Toddlers can get plenty of nutrition from Pedialyte drinks, fruit juice, toddler formula, milk alternatives, and more. So if you're looking for healthy drinks for kids, we've got all the baby apple juice, Gerber prune juice, Pedialyte for infants you need. In fact, we've got the best milk for toddlers from Enfagrow and Similac and best juice for toddlers from Pedialyte, Mott's, and other great brands.

Like to balance healthy meals for toddlers with equally healthy fruit juice drinks? Kids love fruit juice! Gerber juice offers strawberry kiwi and white grape flavors — or you could always go for Gerber apple juice. Not sure on toddler formula vs. milk? (We've got a great selection of baby formula, by the way.) If your little one has a sensitive stomach, try one of our milk alternatives. Milk alternatives are for little ones who have tried toddler formula or formula baby products but are probably allergic. We've got milk alternatives, Enfamil supplementing drinks, toddler formula, and standard milk for toddlers of all drinking needs.

Electrolyte Drinks

With all this Pedialyte talk, do you find yourself wondering what is Pedialyte? (And no, it's not like the pre-workout electrolyte powder you guzzle.) Pedialyte — not “Pedilyte” — and Pedialyte for infants helps prevent dehydration by restoring electrolytes lost from illness. So stock up on Pedialyte for babies and Pedialyte for infants, because there's nothing worse than you kid throwing up at 2AM and there's no Pedialyte for infants in the house. No one likes having to make a late-night Pedialyte run.

Moral of the story: Always have a toddler juice and milk supply. But we've got a lot more going on than just baby food and formula. Need diapering supplies, nursery furniture, toys for a toddler, or anything else? Check out our awesome baby selection. With our free shipping over $35, 2-day delivery on thousands of essentials, and 24/7 customer service, getting your baby must-haves will be a breeze. (Much easier than, you know, raising a baby.)