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Get them excited to go back to school with a new backpack they’ll want to flaunt all year long.

It’s an age-old tradition: The night before the first day of school, parents pack up their kids’ school backpacks, filling them with all the brand new school supplies bought over the last few weeks. Fresh pencils, notebooks, binders and books slide into the back to school backpacks — but what about the backpacks themselves? Nothing takes more of a beating throughout the school year than a student’s backpack, so it only makes sense that a new school year should also bring new school backpacks.

Every year, as students move up at school, they wind up with more books, more supplies, and more stuff than ever before. They’re dragging around binders, messy notebooks, gym clothes and lunch bags, and that’s just the basics. Because your budding student needs more space, you’d be wise to invest in a proper backpack. No matter the age of your child, you’ll find a plethora of school backpacks, from smaller kids backpacks for school to middle school backpacks and then the very sturdy high school backpacks.

As with just about everything else, design matters a whole lot when it comes to both school backpacks for boys and school backpacks for girls. The prevailing aesthetic is always changing, but you can trust your kids to help you pick out the year’s most popular design. If you’re also concerned with the physical implications of school backpacks as they get bigger and heavier, you can also spring for wheeled backpacks for school, which hold just as much stuff without putting the stress on your kids’ backs.

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