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Lunch Boxes
Send them back to school with a new lunch box and a giant smile.

What’s the most important thing a child can bring to school? Now, you’re probably going to say something logical like books or notebooks or maybe even pens and pencils. And yep, those are obviously very important. But all the school supplies and educational materials in the world won’t matter all that much if a student isn’t well-fed both in the morning and at lunchtime. And while you have some measure of control over breakfast, you need to put your trust in lunch boxes to protect the healthy meals you send to school.

There are all kinds of school lunchboxes, made for kids of all ages and stages in life. Designs range from youth-focused kids lunch boxes — both boys lunch boxes and girls lunch boxes, plus more gender-neutral lunch boxes — to lunch boxes for teens. And aesthetic is far from the only variable. The soft, collapsible lunch bag is a solid option for lunches that aren’t all that fragile — think sandwiches and drinks that won’t blow up or get punctured. For more temperature-sensitive meals, an insulated lunch box or even a lunch cooler is a great choice — a delicious, healthy lunch is only as good as its level of freshness, right?

The more involved the meal, the more important it is that it’s properly protected inside lunch boxes, too. The most basic and reliable level is the plastic wrap, tin foil and storage bags, which keep sandwiches and snacks like apple slices sealed and fresh. For more detailed meals with more ingredients — paella, anyone? — food containers are absolutely clutch. And a thermos is great for soup and special drinks, like ultra-healthy smoothies (sweetened a little bit so kids will drink them, of course). Keep it cool, keep it hot, and keep it fresh, all with school lunchboxes.

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