Make everyday feel like picture day with back to school fashion.

The first day of school is like the Oscars, a presidential debate and prom all in one: while you have to come prepared, it also helps to look good and make a great first impression — especially with so many cameras excitedly snapping photos! That’s why the right back to school clothes are so important, whether you’re looking for public school clothes or private school uniforms — it’s key to look good for both Instagram and the teacher!

Think back to your early school clothes ensembles and, well, it may be a bit embarrassing. Parents just didn’t have a great sense of style back then, so you wound up with silly sweaters and ugly dresses. But kids these days can develop their own sense of style early on, and might want to pick out their own clothes. Which makes back to school clothes shopping a bit easier and extra fun. Instead of reluctant kids bummed out that new clothes mean returning to the classroom, you can spend quality time together shopping for new favorites and give them a chance to let their personality shine a little brighter at school.

Whether it’s picking out girls’ school clothes like brightly colored tops or the coolest active wear beloved by middle school clothes shoppers, back to school clothes shopping is going to be one of your favorite new traditions. And as the school year goes on and fashions change — things move really fast when it comes to high school clothes and trends — you’ll be excited to find what new (and newly revived) styles are in stock.

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