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School Supplies
Express yourself with home essentials from furniture to home decor and beyond.

The first day of school offers a fresh start for everyone. After a summer off, kids are fully recharged and ready to go learn new lessons and make new friends. It’s your job to make sure they’re prepared for all the educational (and some maybe not-so-educational) adventures to come, which means it’s time to stock up the new school supplies that they’ll need along the way. With the right back to school supplies, your young student will be ready to learn and equipped for whatever comes their way in the classroom (the playground is another story).

What exactly kids need in the classroom has both changed a whole lot and stayed pretty much the same over the last few decades. Chalkboards are slowly disappearing and books are being replaced by tablets and other electronics. Grades are sent right to phone apps, so kids can’t conveniently “lose” their test scores anymore (not that you ever did that). But at the same time, the school supplies list has retained the same basics, loading backpacks with pencils and pens, folders and binders, and paper and notebooks. Filling up a school supply box is in a lot of ways not much different than when you were a student.

When it comes to learning, it’s crucial that a child is prepared for the day. A broken pencil or pen that’s run out of ink can be catastrophic! To avoid these school supplies snafus, you should be sure to bulk buy quality cheap school supplies — that way, the school supply box is always filled with the essentials and there’s no reason why someone couldn’t have taken notes during that crucial math lesson (we’ve definitely heard that one before!). Start the year off right with back to school supplies that will give your student the edge and you plenty of A+ tests to display on the refrigerator.

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