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School Snacks
Packing their lunch is easy when you stock up on school-friendly snacks.

Snack time: two words that bring immeasurable relief to kids the world over (when translated, of course). After all, school is busier and more challenging than ever, so delicious school snacks for kids are a great way to reward a hard day’s work while fueling students up for the rest of the day. You know as well as anyone that kids are insatiable eating machines, so no matter how big a lunch you make or the cafeteria serves, it’s basically a necessity to have a big list of snacks ready to pack every morning.

Kids have huge appetites, but they’re also pretty discerning, which means you’ll need all kinds of different school snack ideas to keep them satisfied. All your favorite childhood school snacks for kids have been taken to the next level. Sure, you can get plain potato chips still, but there are more flavors than ever, from twists on BBQ and cheese to unexpectedly delicious varieties like pickle chips and hot jalapeno. You can get your corn chips popped and your popcorn with chip flavors. (Say that three times fast.) The possibilities are endless.

If your child has a sweet tooth — and who doesn’t? — there are more great cookies and brownies brands than ever. But healthy snacks are also tastier than ever. Some healthy snacks for school are new, nutritious versions of old favorites like fruit snacks and crackers, while energy bars and organic snacks are filled with extra nutrients. Snacks for school are meant to give a student a second wind for the rest of the day, and there’s never been a better time to send delicious and nutritious treats that do just that.

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