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Lunch box Ready Snacks
Packing their lunch is easy when you stock up on school-friendly snacks and meals.

Take school lunch to the next level this year by thinking like a foodie! Think back to your own lunchbox — back in the day. There was nothing better than opening up your lunchbox and finding a delicious sandwich and just the right lunch snacks. Now, brands that make school lunch items are investing more time, money and effort into creating even more delicious (and sometimes nutritious) items to send to school, making every day a chance to educate a budding foodie.

The first and most important aspect of the school lunch is the hearty entree (talk like a restaurant, cook like a restaurant!). You could go classic and make a sandwich, and nothing’s more classic than deli meats or peanut butter and jelly. Make that old school PB&J new-school healthy with organic ingredients, giving the most traditional of foods a high quality spin. Same goes for macaroni and cheese and soups, too! Add a healthy juice box, filled with delicious natural juices, and you’re going to be low-key filling that school lunch with nutrients, even if your child doesn’t realize it!

In fact, you can make their entire school lunch healthy on the down low, thanks to increasingly vitamin-packed snacks for school. The old sugary snack pack has been reconceived with vital nutrients in mind, with healthier popcorn, chips, and even puddings. Trail mix can offer a dash of sweet with hearty nuts and seeds, while granola is naturally tasty and packed with energy. Lunch snacks are now a great source of both happiness and health, making school lunch a win-win for everyone!

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