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Looking for a deeper understanding of how computers work? Our selection of computer science books and manuals is perfect for people looking to pick up new skills to stay competitive in today's tech-savvy job market. From learning Excel to getting an introduction to robotics, these books can help you improve — and if you want to put your knowledge to the test, our certification books and test prep materials can help you prove you know your stuff.

Databases help us store and recall all the millions of bits of information we've accumulated on the internet, so learn to speak database with one of our many tutorials on SQL. More interested in learning how to build programs yourself? Our programming books can teach you the ins and outs of Python, HTML5, Java, and other widely-used coding languages. (Which will also be useful to know when the computers take over.)

For the artistically inclined, we've got tons of design books to help you bring your talents into the 21st century. From graphic design books that teach Photoshop to college-level tutorials on generating high-quality computer graphics, we can help get your drawings from the sketch pad to the iPad. And if you want to learn how to design websites or apps, our web development and design section has books that can teach you Asp.Net, Rails, Django, and more languages.

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