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Books - Education & Reference
Want to learn something new? has educational and reference materials covered! Save on everything from textbooks to reference books.

We live in a great big world, and it helps to know your way around. With our selection of atlases and maps, you can prepare yourself for trips in advance. But beyond knowing how to get from A to B, it helps to know how to communicate in other places, too — which is why we have so many foreign language study and reference books. From Spanish and French to Arabic and Igbo, we can help you say “where's the bathroom” in just about any language on earth.

Before you start studying other languages, why not improve your English first? Level up your vocabulary with a dictionary and a thesaurus from renowned sources like Merriam Webster or Oxford University Press. (Sound handy? Why, it's downright utile.) Or if you want to brush up on facts to drop at parties, our selection of encyclopedias from National Geographic to The World Almanac are great for quick summaries of just about everything.

Got a big test coming up? Our collection of test prep and higher education books are perfect for getting you ready for the SATs, ACTs, GREs, LSATs, and more exams. But if you're looking to teach others instead, our wide selection of teaching books and workbooks will help you disseminate information with ease — even if your students are recalcitrant towards your teachings at first. (See how useful a thesaurus is?)

No matter what you're looking to learn or how you want to learn it, one thing is clear — you're already an online shopping genius. Otherwise you wouldn't be taking advantage of our free shipping over $35 and simple ways to save. (Honestly, we're impressed.)