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Books - Teen & Young Adult
Looking for good books for teens? Shop and save on all the best books for teenage girls and boys, from romance to sci-fi and beyond!

Your teen years can be tough, so it's definitely nice to read about people going through the same things you are. Our literature and fiction section has young adult books like the Red Queen series and American Girls which are relatable to any teen. We've also got novels like Everything, Everything and Off The Page in our love and romance section to give you the warm fuzzies. (And then a big ol' cry.)

Despite what many teens think, being a teenager is not a recent phenomenon — there have actually been teenagers forever! (Wow.) And with historical YA books like The Book Thief and Salt to the Sea, you can learn about all the ways that your predecessors were angsty too. Want some advice on how to deal with all everything? Our social issues section has books to help manage anxiety, awkwardness, and anything else.

If you're simply looking for an escape from reality, our selection of science fiction and fantasy teen books like The 5th Wave and The Girl from Everywhere will take you on a wild ride through outer space and to faraway lands. Plus, with gripping book series for teens in our mysteries section like Pretty Little Liars, you can find all the suspense and intrigue you could want. (Who knew high school could be so steeped in murder and cover-ups?)

Teenage life is complicated enough, so when you're shopping for books for teens, keep it simple with our free shipping over $35 and free returns within 30 days. It might not make you feel better about your crush, but hey, it's something.