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Coloring Books & Supplies
Coloring may or may not be the most satisfying activity ever. Shop to save on coloring pages for kids and cool adult coloring books!

Coloring is fun. It just is. And when it comes to kids' activities, they don't get much quieter — which can honestly be pretty great after a long day. Plus, filling in the coloring pages in a good coloring book are a good way to spark imagination. And with our huge selection, we've got your little ones covered no matter what they're into — from Harry Potter to Minecraft and beyond.

Coloring is also big with adults right now, which makes a ton of sense. After all, it's super relaxing. Plus, you end up with a cool picture that you colored in yourself. (You did a great job.) That said, your motor skills are probably a little more honed than your 5-year-old daughter's, which is why we've got special coloring books for adults — everything from cool tattoo patterns to landscapes and more.

Coloring books are great and all, but without a set of crayons, colorful pencils, or markers, you just have books full of black and white outlines. No matter what color you need, our selection of pencils and markers from brands like Prismacolor, Derwent, and Sargent Art will have you covered. Plus, they're pretty good for drawing on other things, too — like a white wall right before you paint it. (So much fun.)

Coloring is fun, and buying stuff to do it should be too — whether you're looking to do a little adult coloring or getting a birthday gift for a kid. And with our great prices and free shipping over $35, the only thing you need to think about is what color you're going to make that dog. (We vote purple.)