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English Muffins

Surprisingly not from England. Unsurprisingly delicious.

Behold, the english muffin, or as the inventor of english muffin bread originally referred to it, the “toaster crumpet.” (That guy was Samuel Bath Thomas, so now you know where Thomas’ English Muffins come from. While he was English, the whole inventing-english-muffins thing happened in New York City. Hey, the more you know!) Anyway, here at Jet, we love a good english muffin, whether it’s a classic like Bay’s English Muffins, or the latest gluten-free english muffins. That’s why you’ll find a great selection of english muffin brands right here, so you can crush that out-of-nowhere english muffin pizza craving by keeping your pantry stocked.

With our 2-day shipping on thousands of items and 24/7 customer support, we make it easy to try new things. So the next time you’re getting your weekly groceries on Jet, switch it up a bit and swap out your regular bagels for a whole wheat english muffin every now and then. Whether you want to enjoy them with butter or with pizza toppings, we’re ready to help you live your english muffin dreams.

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