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Film Cameras
There's nothing quite like an old-school film camera. Shop film cameras at to find the film camera or instant camera of your dreams!

Polaroid Cameras

When it comes to convenience, digital cameras and camcorders are obviously great. But for serious photographers — and polaroid camera nostalgists — real film is where it's at. There's just something about the look of camera film photos. And you can't beat the fun of snapping a picture with a Fujifilm or Polaroid camera and watching it develop before your eyes. Sure, digital is instant, but a Polaroid camera is classic.

The good news is that Fujifilm cameras, Polaroid cameras and other instant cameras are back! And even better news: the Fujifilm and refreshed Polaroid instant camera are way more fun. The Fujifilm Instamax mini 8 is bold and colorful, which makes the mini 8 fun even before you snap a picture. Once you do take a picture, the Fujifilm Mini 8 instantly creates a credit card-sized photo. A photo by a Mini 8 looks as good as other Fujifilm cameras, just much smaller, so you'll have room for tons of Fujifilm Mini 8 photos. Of course, without Memory Cards, that'll require some more Fujifilm Mini 8 film, but we have that too. Fujifilm film is high quality at all sizes!

Fujifilm makes a number of different versions of the Fujifilm camera, and they keep getting better. The camera series is numbered, and right now the highest Fuji is the 9. Any mini camera you get here will be great, whether it's the Fujifilm Mini 8 or 9. And as much as we love the Fujifilm Instax, the truth is that Fujifilm is not the only sweet new instant film camera. Along with Fujifilm instant camera, we've got the sweet Polaroid instant camera line, which has all kinds of bells and whistles (not literally, but you get it). Polaroid camera mixes digital with print, so the only thing cooler than the look of a pink Polaroid camera is the tech behind it.

If you want to take a lot of fun, quick shots, look no further than the Fujifilm line, including the Fujifilm Mini 8. If you want to upload ‘em, go with the Polaroid camera. You will have people fawning over your Fujifilm, whether it's a Mini 8 or another Fuji camera from the Fujifilm line. For more digital options, check out a mini Polaroid camera. These are some of the very best film cameras you can get on the instant camera market, and with our free shipping over $35 and free returns within 30 days, adding them to your collection will be super simple. So simple, in fact, that you might decide to check out the rest of our camera and photo selection and electronics while you're here. (Just saying.)