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GPS & Navigation

Need some help finding your way? has all your GPS needs covered! Save on everything from the best handheld GPS to the best car GPS.

GPS for Cars

The days of the road map are over. No more unfolding those unwieldy paper monstrosities, or keeping your passenger side fully stocked with every regional map in existence. This is thanks to the GPS tracker for cars. And with our affordable selection from brands like Pioneer and Garmin car GPS, you just punch in the destination and a lovely British woman gives you step-by-step directions (or Australian man, you can change it in the settings).

But the uses for a GPS go way beyond helping you find a movie theater or a gas station when you're out of town. For hikers, sports & handheld GPS from brands like Bushnell are great for keeping yourself from getting lost in the woods. (Are you sure that isn't the same log from earlier?) And for the chronic forgetter, never misplace your keys or wallet again with a GPS tracker from Trackr or IDS Home.

GPS System Accessories

A quality GPS is a useful piece of technology, but only if you can see it. (Not going to do you a lot of good sitting in the glovebox.) For your GPS to truly work right, there are a few GPS accessories you're going to want. With dashboard mounts and dust covers to USB car chargers and bike add-ons from brands like TomTom and Armor All, we've got everything you need to kick your GPS game into high gear.

Shopping for the right GPS should be fun, and with our great prices and free shipping over $35, it always will be. (Seriously — what's more fun than getting great savings on electronics?)