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Music & Stage Equipment

Want to make amazing music? has recording and performance gear covered. Save on studio mixers, DJ equipment, microphones, and more!

Ever dream about having your own recording studio? Check our selection of affordable studio equipment like microphones, mixers, signal processors, power amplifiers, DJ equipment, conditioners, and more from brands like Numark and Teac. Looking for something more casual? Try karaoke equipment, guitar and bass accessories, electronic keyboards, and tabletop synths from brands like Novation and Casio. (Home karaoke is easily one of the best things ever.)

Amplifiers & Speakers

Playing the music is great, but you'll probably want to hear it out loud. With our selection of PA systems, studio monitors, subwoofers, speakers, and accessories from brands like Yamaha and Rockville, you'll be blasting your music into next week. Or if you want to keep relations with your neighbors friendly — which we'd definitely recommend — pick up headphones and in-ear monitors from brands like Audio Technica or Sony.

Recording Equipment

A home studio is no good if it can't record, so kit your room out with some top-quality music recording equipment like computer recording, mastering recorders and multitrack recorders from brands like DJ Tech and EZ Dupe. Want to record on the road? Check out portable recorders from Tascam or Zoom.

While not as flashy as new synths or turntables, there are also some accessories you'll need to complete your jam room. Stage and studio cables, soundproofing, lighting equipment, and travel cases are all important parts of a studio, and with quality studio environment materials from brands like Monoprice and Yescom, your recording sessions are definitely sure to rock.

Getting music gear and electronics should be fun, and with our 24/7 customer support and free returns within 30 days, the only thing you need to worry about is writing a song.