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Projection Screens
Bring the big screen home to your living room with projection screens from! Shop a great selection from top projector screen brands.

Movie Screens

Nothing brings people together like a projector screen and movie projector for a great movie night. You can spruce up any recreation room with a projection TV, or take the party outside with an outdoor movie screen. Whatever size or type of projector screen you need, we’ve got the key to movie screen magic. You might remember the early days of projection screen tech used for vacation slideshows and science class videos, but a modern projector screen can offer the same HD projector screen clarity as the one at your favorite cineplex. (Minus the guy texting in front of you.) With brands like Elite Screens, projection TV is on the cutting edge of home entertainment.

You have more projector screen options than you think, too. If the classic pull-down projector screen isn’t up your alley, try a free standing projection screen that can be stowed out of sight when it’s not movie night. If you want to toss the ball around while watching the game, try an inflatable projection screen, which is also a perfect outdoor movie screen. Projection TV can even feel a little like magic if you use a paint-on projection screen. So if you think your movie projector can’t be versatile, think again. There’s a projector screen option for everyone, and we also happen to have a great movie projector selection. Just saying.

Projection TV is a surefire way to entertain your friends. After all, with a projector screen in your own home, you never have to wait in line for popcorn. (Unless you have like 50 people over, in which case you probably need a lot more than just a projection screen.) So once you’ve got your very own movie projector and projection screen set up, be ready to have company dropping by a lot, because why would anyone *not* want to watch stuff on your giant screen?

Of course, there’s a lot more to our television and video selection than just projection screens, because as much as we enjoy projection TV, you’ll need more than that to really do it right. Make sure your projection screen and movie projector are properly accessorized with our great selection of television accessories. Find endless hours of entertainment with our streaming media players. And while you’re here, check out the rest of our electronics assortment to see if you need anything else. (Like giant speakers, because obviously.) With free shipping over $35, 24/7 customer service, and free returns within 30 days, building the ultimate home entertainment center will be as easy as a few taps on your phone.