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Sofas & Couches
Need a new place to sit? has couches and sofas covered! Save on high-quality sectional leather sofas, sleepers, loveseats, and more.

Maybe you want a cheap white sectional sofa, or a cheap grey sectional couch if you're a little less confident in your ability not to spill things. (In which case you might want to check out our black sectional sofas, which can hide whatever.) Maybe you just want a cheap sectional couch and you don't care about the color at all, or maybe you want a black and grey couch, a gray tufted sofa, or a red leather sectional sofa specifically. Maybe you're on a budget where only couches on sale will do, and you're curious about what a loveseat under 300 or couches under 100 will look like. Or maybe you've decided that it's time to invest in a full-on grey sectional living room situation and you want to get a truly spectacular grey couch set.

No matter what kind of couch you're looking for, from sectionals under 300 or cheap leather sofas to the most luxurious black velvet sofa you've ever seen, we're here to help take your living room to the next level — even if you need a small sectional couch or a mini couch for room reasons. We're sleeper sofa sectional central. We've got tons of tufted couches. We've got black leather couches for days. We've tested every beige sectional with chaise out there. (Yes, we take lots of naps by accident. Lie down on your tenth leather sectional sleeper sofa of the day without falling asleep.) And we'll make all your cheap sectional couch or leather sectional with chaise dreams come true. So what do you say we dive in?

Whether you want a cheap sectional couch or sectional leather sofas from high-end designer brands, you've got lots of different ways to look around. If you want to browse sofas, loveseats, sectionals, sleeper sofas, or settees specifically, just shop by type. (You'll be sitting on a sectional leather couch in no time.) Or if you have your heart set on a Serta sofa or Serta sofa and loveseat, you can also filter by brand. Have a particular style in mind? Filter by style to find the mid century leather sofa of your Mad Men-inspired dreams, a modern leather couch for a sleeker look, or a small sectional couch with rustic flair. And filtering by color will show you black couches, gray sofas, or purple couches on sale. Purple's pretty nice, don't you think?

Of course, lots of people start with a price point in mind — after all, you might've ended up here after searching “cheap sectional sofas for sale,” “couches on sale,” or “incredibly expensive gray sofas.” (Fine, maybe not the third one.) So whether you want a loveseat under 300, a cheap gray sectional couch, or sectional leather sofas for a few grand, just filter by price and you'll find what you need. We've got cheap sectional sofas for sale at prices that'll make you do a double-take, plus small couches for sale at prices as small as the small couches for sale. We've got black couches and black sectional sofas for everyone from college students to CEOs. We've got tufted couches for tiny budgets and big ones.

But our selection doesn't stop there. See yourself sitting on sectional leather sofas? We've got high-quality cheap leather sofas to fit any budget — because after all, the meaning of “cheap leather sofas” is up to you to decide. The same goes for affordable sectional sofas or tufted couches. Your definition of affordable sectional sofas or affordable sectional couches won't be the same as someone else's, but you'll find something you love no matter what you want to spend. Of course, if you want to blow your whole bonus on a bunch of black sectional sofas, or even just one amazing gray sectional couch, then please, be our guest.

So listen — we hope you find all the affordable sectional couches you want, and we really think you will. But our selection of small couches for sale, cheap sectional sofas for sale, and everything else isn't the only thing we have to offer. Because with our 24/7 customer service and free returns within 30 days, your sofa-shopping experience will be 100% stress-free. So why look for affordable sectional sofas or a grey couch living room set anywhere else?