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Uniquely J Baby

Must-haves for your little one.

Oh, baby! When it comes to your little one, we know only the best will do. That’s why with Uniquely J Baby, you’ll find the quality baby wipes, bubble bath, and tear free shampoo you need at prices you’ll love.

With our fragrance free baby lotion, you’ll keep your baby’s bottom as soft, well, as a baby’s bottom. Speaking of fragrance free products, you’ll breathe easy knowing Uniquely J’s baby laundry detergent and baby dish soap are great at cleaning, but easy on sensitive skin.

Heading to a baby shower anytime soon? Our baby bubble bath and diaper wipes are must-haves in your next gift basket. If you’re still stuck on how to build a gift basket, we’re also ready with the paper and plastic supplies like you need for that baby shower project, too.

Even if you don’t have a kiddo, we still think baby wipes are a pretty useful thing to have on hand, anyway, so throw a pack of baby wipes in your purse, your car, or your desk. (Your coworker who keeps knocking over her coffee will thank you.) Whether you’re a decade into being a parent, or you’re just now learning that dish soap for babies is a thing, you’re in the right spot for all things baby. With 2-day shipping on thousands of items and easy returns, Jet’s your spot for great baby supplies.

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