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Artisanal Shop

Artisanal Shop
Want to really impress your guests? Shop artisanal food for less at and get high-quality meats, cheeses, snacks, spreads, and more!

Whether you're hosting a party or trying to impress someone cute, it's important to put your best food forward. (Ha.) And nothing says 'I'm fancy' like a delicious spread of gourmet goodies from our Artisan Shop. From Cowgirl Creamery artisan cheese to JackBakes hand-braided challah and beyond, we've got all the gourmet goodies to make your next party truly great.

Artisanal Cheese

You know what they say — the party hasn't really started until somebody cuts the cheese . You know, like an actual wheel of brie or cheddar. (Wait, we're not the only ones who go to parties just for the cheese plate, right?) Capture your guests' attention when you slice into a nice block of Beecher's flagship reserve cheddar. Or really blow them away with some rich and creamy Di Stefano burrata.

Artisanal Meat

In the mood for meat? Our selection of artisan meats can't be beat. Sink your teeth into some Olli calabrese salame or decadent Three Little Pigs dry-cured ham. Want to really spice things up? D'Artagnan all-natural chorizo will definitely do the trick.

And last, but certainly not least, you've got to round out your party spread with the perfect mix of olives and pickles (and maybe some mushrooms and truffles , too!) Brooklyn Whatever has pickled jalapeños and kale and kraut aplenty — and makes great mixed olives and mixed nuts to boot. Toss Urbani truffles and artichokes on the plate for a touch of sophistication. And then choose from a wide variety of artisan bread and crackers to accompany your elaborate spread.

Shop artisan food with us and you'll be the hostess with the mostest — who stressed the least. You'll have even more fun knowing how much you saved.