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Drink Mixes & Syrups
Mix the drinks of your dreams with drink mixes and syrups from! Get everything from hot chocolate mix to iced tea mix and beyond.

Hot Chocolate Mix

Unless you're skiing or are a sentient snowman, it's not very fun to be outside in the winter. So once you get indoors, reward yourself with Beverages like hot chocolate! We've got the best hot chocolate mix, including all kinds of Swiss Miss hot chocolate products for delicious, easy mixed drinks that taste like a warm mug of candy. No matter what flavor of Swiss Miss hot chocolate you're into, we've got the sweet hookup on their good mixed drinks. From Swiss Miss hot cocoa mix in Dark Chocolate Sensation to milk chocolate Marshmallows, Swiss Miss hot chocolate k cups, our Swiss Miss hot chocolate selection will warm your soul.

Fruity Drink Mixes

We've got a huge variety of good mixed drinks that extend far beyond Swiss Miss hot chocolate and other winter weather drinks. Mix drinks come in all varieties of flavors and temperatures, from fruity mixed drinks like Crystal Light to other types of good mixed drinks such as Gatorade mix and iced tea mix. It's so simple to make mixed drinks that just about every major drink brand has gotten into the game, which means there are more good mixed drinks options than ever. We're here to help you find the mix drinks that are right for you, because otherwise, you might get all these drinks mixed up. (That was pretty clever word play, we know.)

As Crystal Light drinkers will tell you, there are seemingly endless Crystal Light flavors, ranging from classics like lemonade and Fruit Punch to on-the-go Crystal Light varieties like Crystal Light Caffeinated Wild Strawberry packets and Grape packets. Crystal Light also makes iced tea, which is of course one of the most common mixed drinks out there (other than, you know, the adult kind). Want a classic? Lipton iced tea mix is always a dependable thirst quencher.

And speaking of thirst-quenching mix drinks, make sure to stock up on Gatorade Thirst Quencher Powder — it's literally in the name. Then again, all varieties of Gatorade drink mix quenches our thirst, so they're all good mixed drinks to us. Once you're refreshed, you'll want to get the rest of your groceries, including an amazing selection of other beverages. And with free shipping over $35 and 2-day delivery on thousands of essentials, your shopping thirst will be quenched!