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Toaster Pastries

Craving the pop tart flavors you love? Everyone's favorite breakfast bar is available for delivery on, so get your fill of pop tarts today.

Breakfast Bars

What's your favorite poptart? Oh, sure there's plenty of toaster pastires out there, but even if you're more a toaster strudel fan, you probably still call them poptarts. A breakfast bar filled with gooey fruit filling, like a strawberry pop tart? Sign us up. Or maybe you like the more dessert oriented pop tarts, with chocolate and cream? That might not be much of a healthy breakfast bar, but you can't beat those pop tart flavors. In fact, when it comes to breakfast and cereal bars, you can find just about any flavor on the map. You can bet your breakfast biscuits on that.

We love breakfast foods, which is why we've made them portable, so they can be enjoyed piping hot while on the go. The great thing about pop tarts is you can't do them wrong. Pop tart flavors are just as good cold, warm and gooey, or burnt to a crisp. In fact, some of the fun with poptarts is finding out how much your favorite poptart holds up to a rogue oven. No matter how your pop tarts come out, they're always delicious. What new pop tart flavors are you looking forward to trying? It's breakfast bar roulette, and no matter what poptart you go with, you'll be satisfied.

Oatmeal Bars

Of course, just because you enjoy pop tarts and can't get enough pop tart flavors, you don't have to sacrifice good nutrition. Check out our organic breakfast foods for poptarts made with wholesome ingredients from brands like Nature's Path for a guiltless take on your favorite poptart. Though if you're a fan of the smores version of poptarts, you may need to give in to your indulgences. But what's wrong with having a slightly decadent breakfast bar every now and again?

When it comes to your favorite grocery items like poptarts, has your back. With hundreds of items available for 2 day shipping, and free shipping over $35, there's no reason for your pantry to be lacking in delicious pop tarts any time soon.