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Chewy Candy

Eat some sweets and reminisce with your favorite chewy candy! Shop for gummy bears, jelly beans, Twizzlers and more!

If there was a competition to be the official taste of childhood, it'd be a close race between the gummy bear, jelly beans, Twizzlers and Starburst. We think you deserve to relive those gummy good times. And to help you out, we've got a huge selection of gummy candy, from gummy bears to every Jelly Belly flavor you can imagine (and seriously, there are a lot of Jelly Belly flavors). So let's go on a guided journey through the world of gummy bears, Twizzlers, and fruit chews like Starburst. Bring your sweet tooth and jaw muscles for this special Candy, Gum & Chocolate adventure!

Gummy Bears

First stop is the gummy bear lair, which is way more colorful than scary (we just like rhymes). There are so many different gummy bear brands, from classics like Haribo gummy bears and Jelly Belly to that big giant gummy bear you always see in stores and desperately want to buy. Plus, Haribo makes all kinds of other fun shapes beyond gummy bears, including animals like dinosaurs and sharks (gummy bear, you've met your match!). Haribo also makes excellent jelly candy, like oranges and peaches, so you can act like you're buying healthy Grocery items, too.

Jelly Beans

Next stop: jelly beans! There are almost as many brands as there are jelly bean flavors. Of course, everyone knows and loves Jelly Belly, because how could you not? It seems like there are new flavors of Jelly bellies almost every day, and sure, while some of them are purposely weird, that's half the fun! You'll also find fun tropical flavors in Starburst jelly beans and Lifesaver jelly beans, and if you want more traditional flavors, you'll love Brach's jelly beans!

How about some Airheads and Starburst? Trick question, no one says no to Starburst candy, especially given its many varieties. We have a wide array of Starburst flavors (we're partial to pink Starburst), plus sour Starburst and Starbursts jelly beans. Did you know that Twizzlers also now come in all kinds of varieties, from Pull & Peel to filled Twizzlers? It's true — they found a way to make Twizzlers even more delicious. (You might be wondering are Twizzlers vegan and are Starburst vegan… the answer is no, because they have gelatin, but they're still delicious.)

Look, you deserve some deliciousness, so why not indulge in some Chocolate and chewy candy? You'll be glad you did, and with free shipping over $35 and 2-day shipping on thousands of items, no indulgence is more convenient!