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Indulge your sweet tooth with chocolate of all kinds! Shop for candy bars, dark chocolate, white chocolate and more.

Candy, Gum & Chocolate are just about the most versatile foods out there. Seriously, think about it! If you want to you reward yourself during a long day, you can eat some chocolate, whether it's a Snickers, M&M pack or piece of rich, dark chocolate. Need to give a gift? Chocolates are a great go-to present, whether you're buying for your love or a co-worker or someone you barely know. People love getting chocolate, whether it's a Snickers bar, Dove candy or other brands of chocolate. And luckily, our Grocery section has all kinds of chocolate candy brands, so the only hard choice is just how many M&M bags and and bars of chocolate you buy!

Dark Chocolate

In the end, your choice in candies just depends on taste and mood. Let's say you want a Mars candy bar. Good call! Like peanuts? Try a Snickers, in both miniature and full-size Snicker bar form. Caramel and graham cracker? That's a Twix! Want pure chocolate? Check out Dove milk chocolate bar and Dove dark chocolate bars. And there are plenty of dark chocolate benefits to your health, like boosting brain power and reducing inflammation, so yes, dark chocolate is a health food. We love fruity Chewy Candy, especially ones with vitamin C, but won't complain about eating chocolates for our health, either!

White Chocolate

Want a bag of chocolate instead of a Snicker bar this time around (or, in addition to some Snickers, of course). Hey, sharing mini Dove chocolates is a great idea, and they too come in dark chocolate and white chocolate varieties! Or, you pick up some of the many kinds of M&Ms they have these days (there are so many M&M varieties these days, enough to fill an entire M&M store!). Mars candy makes all kinds of great chocolates, but you also can't sleep on Ghiradelli and Hershey, obviously! Everyone has their favorites, and we gotta shout out white chocolate from Ghirardelli and Reese's cups from Hershey's.

The best part about chocolate is that whether you opt for white chocolate, dark chocolate, M&M candies or Hershey's (just to name a few), you're gonna make everyone smile. (Seriously, send us some Snickers, and we will show you a big smile.) Plus, with free shipping over $35 and 2-day delivery on thousands of essentials, you'll be smiling, too!