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Dairy & Eggs
Looking to save on top-quality dairy products and eggs? Shop to get all the essentials you need to start your morning sunny side up!

Dairy foods are a breakfast staple. What goes with cereal? Milk. (What goes better with cereal? TruMoo Chocolate Milk. Just saying.) Coffee too strong? Splash in some International Delight Coffee Creamer . Frying eggs? Grease the pan with Land O'Lakes butter or margarine . In a hurry? Grab some Chobani Yogurt and head out the door. However you do your morning, a fridge full of milk products will help you start it right.

Refrigerated Doughs

If you want to improve any meal, just say cheese! Sprinkle some Kraft packaged cheese onto tortilla chips, add salsa, and boom — nachos. Something from our artisan cheese selection — pecorino from Black Bear or parmesan from BelGioioso, for example — will kick any spaghetti dish up a notch. And if yogurt isn't doing it for you anymore, try Breakstone's cottage cheese. It may sound cheesy, but these easy additions can accent anything.

Organic Breakfast Foods

But look — we aren't here to tell you what to do. Want dessert before dinner? Have at it. Pop a tray of Pillsbury refrigerated dough in the oven for some delicious cookies, or go for a Snack Pack Pudding Cup if you're in the mood for something chilled. Want something salty? Go for something from our dip and spread selection like Sabra Hummus or Wholly Guacamole.

Whatever you're looking for in the dairy and egg department, we have it taken care of with high quality at lower prices. Oh, and we almost forgot — you never need to schedule delivery, and if your food isn't fresh, you get your money back. So basically, doing your grocery shopping with us is a win-win for you and your wallet.