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Pudding & Gelatin Snacks
Love jello or chocolate pudding? Shop a great selection of pudding and gelatin snacks at and make sure you're always stocked up!


Not sure what to give your kids when they're in snack attack mode? Treat them to a satisfying after-school snack with some sweet Jello or pudding — you know, like chocolate pudding, vanilla pudding, banana pudding. These or any Jello flavors will do the trick. A tasty Jello pudding snack is sweet, fun to eat, and will give them the energy to play the afternoon away.We've got a huge selection of Jello desserts and snacks from great brands like Jell-O, Snack Pack, and Hunt's. Green jello, orange jello salad, you name it.


Speaking of afternoon activities, why not teach your kids how to make Jello into a Jello mold? Jello-making tip: It requires only a few Jello ingredients, so there's less cleanup! If a creamier treat is what they're after, check out our Snack Pack pudding assortment and let them enjoy those delicious Snack Pack pudding calories. You could try a Snack Pack Pudding in Butterscotch or any other Snack Pack pudding flavors we offer. We've got a lot of them.

Got a sleepover coming up and think it'll be fun to make pudding pops? Nonsense! Don't stress about a pudding recipe. Browse our chocolate pudding, vanilla pudding, and banana pudding assortment, add them to your cart and be done with it. We hear Snack Pack Vanilla Pudding Cups are popular. While the kids are eating their pudding, grab your wine and enjoy a book in the next room. (We will gladly accept any “thank you from freeing me from the pudding activity” notes.)

Next time your kid asks for the Kellogg's fruit snacks gelatin, ask them if they want Jello — or vanilla pudding and banana pudding too. It's always good to switch things up a bit. But when they do insist on their favorite gelatin free fruit snacks, you can always grab them from our snack foods section. Did you know that you can get banana pudding, Jello, or just about any other grocery item right here? You can, in case you didn't. And trust us — free shipping over $35 and 2-day delivery on thousands of essentials will make shopping for chocolate pudding and the rest of your grocery list easier than ever.