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Fresh Produce
Want to get high-quality fruits and veggies delivered for less? Shop fresh produce at to save on avocados, bananas and much more!

Fresh Fruit

Okay, let's have a show of hands — who here is getting all their recommended daily servings of fresh fruit and veggies? Actually who knows how many servings you're supposed to have? Apparently 5–9 depending on which health expert you ask and whether you consider pizza sauce a vegetable. (Hey, whatever it takes.) Sometimes it's just hard to find good fresh produce. But we're here to make things easier with fast and simple fresh produce delivery.

Packaged Salad Kits

Picture this: You're swamped at work and dreading a long slog through the grocery store late tonight. Ugh. Why not save time, skip the line, and get fresh produce delivered right to your door instead? Get NatureSweet cherry tomatoes for a simple snack, Mann's stringless sugar snap peas to munch on, or order from our packaged salads selection and toss together a Fresh Express bacon Caesar salad kit in a flash.

Is Luanne hosting another luau for the neighbors this weekend? (Seriously, what's with the luaus, Luanne?) You should probably plan on bringing a tropical fruit salad — but you simply don't have the time to core a pineapple! Instead, peruse our pre-cut produce selection and have Prime Cuts pineapple chunks or Urban Roots fruit salad brought right to you.

Never ordered fresh produce online before? Don't worry, it's simple. No matter what sort of fruits, veggies, or fresh herbs and spices you need, our grocery experts are trained to pick the very best produce for you by hand. And our special packaging keeps everything cold all the way to your fridge to guarantee peak freshness upon arrival — or your money back.