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Spices & Seasonings

Moving into a new place, or just running low on the basics? We've got your pantry staples covered, from salt and pepper on up. (Speaking of salt: We have more Himalayan, pink, and other gourmet salts than you can shake a steak at.) Check out our selection of Simply Organic, Goya, and McCormick spices, seasoning , and herbs, plus sugar and other sweeteners like Stevia. If you can't have your coffee the way you like it, what's the point?

The list of pantry must-haves doesn't stop there. Go ahead, try to get through a week without your favorite nut butters and sweet spreads from brands like Skippy, PB2, and Nutella. (Actually no, don't do that at all.) We've also got more jams, jellies, and preserves than you could ever spread on toast, plus sauces and marinades like Sriracha and Sweet Baby Ray's.

Salads Dressings

Want to get your greens in style? Pick up some salad dressing and salad toppings from brands like Brianna's, Newman's Own, and Hidden Valley. (Of course, you're an adult and you can put ranch dressing on whatever you want.) We've also got great oils and vinegars if you want to mix your own. But if you ketchup or salsa is the only vegetable you need — again, none of our business — shop condiments and salsas from brands like Heinz and Tostitos.

We also have everything you need for baking, from flours and meals and other baking ingredients to honeys and syrups to sweeten things up. Don't want to start from scratch? Get baking mixes from Duncan Hines, Krusteaz, or Betty Crocker. And yes, we've got great organic pantry options, too!