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Honey & Syrups
Can't live without honey in your tea or maple syrup on waffles? has honey and syrups covered! Shop a wide selection from top brands and find exactly what you're looking for.


Honey is one of nature's greatest gifts, and we've got a great selection. Raw honey is an ideal sweetener for just about anything, and it can be infused with tons of other flavors, such as honey lemon. Honey Lemon is a great remedy for a sore throat. Just put your honey lemon in some tea, or put a little honey lemon on a spoon and enjoy! Beyond flavored honey, we've also got the best organic honey, in the form of raw honey. The benefits of honey will surprise you, which is why you'll find the best organic honey and raw honey right here.


After you take a look at our raw honey selection you might want to search our amazing syrup collection. We've got everything from agave syrup to strawberry syrup all the way to ginger syrup, blueberry syrup, and vanilla syrup. Flavored syrups act as great coffee syrups. Have your very own coconut coffee by using coconut syrup or caramel coffee from our range of caramel syrup. Coffee syrup (similar to Starbucks syrups) makes any cup taste better, so definitely give it a shot. We've even got sugar free coffee syrup if that's more your style.

When it comes to syrup, though, maple syrup is king. True maple syrup comes straight out of the trees of Vermont or New Hampshire with no additives, and there's really nothing like that maple syrup taste on pancakes or waffles. (It's also amazing on sausage if you like savory plus sweet.) Check out our maple syrup selection, plus other kinds of syrup — our syrup selection is second to none. Of course, we've also got Sugar & Other Sweeteners and Organic Sweeteners & Extracts pages, so you have lots of options when it comes to satisfying your sweet tooth. And if baking is on your mind, be sure to take a look at our baking supplies.

Want to hear something really sweet? With free shipping over $35 and 2-day delivery on thousands of essentials, doing your grocery shopping will be a breeze.