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Salad Dressings
You can't serve salad without salad dressing. Shop for a great selection of salad dressings and make the salads of your dreams!

Salad is a pretty cool food. It just takes the flavor of whatever salad dressing you use without batting an eye. (Which makes salad dressing that much more important.) So if you want a Caesar salad, just add Caesar salad dressing to your plate of lettuce. Thinking of going Greek? Get some Greek salad dressing. We've even got pasta salad dressing if you love pasta in your salad, and Asian salad dressing — like Japanese salad dressing — if you've got some sesame seeds lying around. In fact, we've got a lot of salad dressing in general, so get ready to find a salad dressing that speaks to you.

Healthy Salad Dressing

Trying to eat better and looking for the healthiest salad dressing? Good news: From low carb salad dressing to vegan salad dressing — and sure, even something you can use as spinach salad dressing — we've got tons of healthy salad dressing options to choose from. Want to spruce up that side salad? An Italian salad dressing or balsamic salad dressing should do the trick. Using fresh tomatoes and mozzarella? Go for a simple oil and vinegar salad dressing. You could even try a lemon salad dressing, Greek salad dressing, or tahini salad dressing if you're feeling Mediterranean. With tons of healthy salad dressing options, you'll find a healthy salad dressing to put on anything.

But maybe healthy salad dressing isn't the most important thing. With so many raw veggies, you're just looking for something robust, like Caesar salad dressing. (Caesar salad dressing is pretty powerful.) Or take ranch dressing for example. (Ranch dressing is a dressing everyone loves, right?) Without ranch dressing, you'd have to eat those baby carrots by themselves, and that's no fun. So you'll find plenty of Caesar salad dressing and ranch dressing here for when you or anyone else is faced with too many raw veggies. Got to eat your veggies somehow, you know.

Whatever dressing you like, whether it's Greek salad dressing or non Greek salad dressing, we can help you get it. We've even got top brands like Paul Newman dressing and Hidden Valley dressing. Love a good recommendation? You can't go wrong with a classic like Newman's Own Olive Oil & Vinegar Dressing. Got a few too many baby carrots in the fridge? Use Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing and they'll be gone in no time. Speaking of no time: When you shop with us, you get free shipping over $35 and 2-day delivery on thousands of essentials. So go ahead and get your pantry items and the rest of your groceries delivered fast. Because when you want a salad, you don't want to find yourself without salad dressing.