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Pasta Sauces
Looking for easy pasta sauces to make that boring bowl of spaghetti more exciting? Shop to save on sauces for pasta perfection!

What types of pasta sauce are you in the mood for? There's so much to do with a 2 oz pasta serving. Maybe you want to add a little bit of protein to your sauce. You're in luck, because we've got Hunts meat sauce and Prego Italian meat sauce. If you're drinking red with dinner, you should use a traditional pasta sauce that goes with it — we recommend going with Prego traditional sauce, Classico spaghetti sauce, or Colavita marinara sauce. Honestly, though, we love all sauces for pasta as long as there's enough left over to dip bread into it after we devour that spaghetti.

It's hard to choose the best pasta sauce and spaghetti sauce brands because pretty much all types of pasta sauce are delicious. For example, Ragu cheese sauce with al dente Brittoli pasta make a great penne alfredo. Or you could mix that white Ragu cheese sauce and Classico tomato sauce for a pink sauce that will make you blush. If you haven't caught on yet, here's what we're saying — Ragu traditional pasta sauce, Barilla pasta sauce, Colavita organic pasta sauce, and Prego traditional sauce are delicious and easy pasta sauces for any meal. And we won't listen to arguments otherwise.

So far we've been raving about easy pasta sauces, but sauces for pasta aren't just for pasta — they're for pizza too. When you only have pasta sauce for pizza moods, pick your favorite types of pasta sauce for your pizza pie. Is it Classico spaghetti sauce or Barilla tomato and basil sauce? Maybe something richer like Prego Italian sauce is more up your alley. Or why not mix it up and combine Barilla pasta sauce with Classico tomato basil? (Live a little.) Whether you go with Barilla tomato sauce, Classico pasta sauce, or just Barilla pizza sauce, you've got pasta sauce for pizza. Why not pizza sauce pasta tomorrow?

We're experienced pasta eaters, not pasta chefs. We can't say what's the best pasta sauce brand or the best spaghetti sauce brand or even the best beef pasta sauce, but here's what we can say: When you shop pasta sauce with us, you'll get simple ways to save, free shipping over $35, and 2-day delivery on thousands of essentials. (Oh and also, we really like using Barilla pizza sauce to make pizza sauce pasta. That's it.)